Five ways to step up your game

Peter McKinnon covers the most important issues to work on if you want to create quality videos. Good advice, easy to relate to and to actually follow, and fun to watch!

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Ben Angel about video marketing

64-82% of viewers are more likely to buy a product or a service after watching a video. Watch Ben Angel's short video about video marketing, packed with tips.

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How to make promotion video

Download the first part of our Promotion video guide. One of the most recognized obstacles in creating video content is the lack of a greater plan, a video strategy. How will I know what kind of video to make? What is a reasonable level of expectation in terms of quality, and in terms of results?

In this first part of our guide, we give you the overview to plan video production to match the target group and what you have set out to accomplish.

The Promotion Video Guide - part 1

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The state of content

According to Marketing Insider Group, the traditional content production process can only optimize two of the first three criteria. And even those criteria have evolved. But the process hasn’t kept up. B2B content operations must optimize ALL ten criteria shown here.

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Get organized – 2

Are you planning your video production? Use this production planning worksheet to think through and plan production.


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Get organized – 1

Plan your video production and distribution ahead. Getting organized will pay off. Preparing content, messages, CTA and to set up a production checklist will make it easier to be relevant and up-to-date. We learned that  planning is everything. Start with identifying which content types will work in your funnel.

Get organized – Step 1: What type of content will make your target group pay attention? Have a look, ask yourself the right questions. You are on your way to get organized.

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Office Hacks – Chia with berries

We saw a lot of internal communication. That is great, of course! But we wanted to show something inspiring. So we put together this video. Use this example to create your promotion video, or yo make a how-to. Or use the recipe to give your team a better start at a morning meet up.

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The new Studiotogo

Just how easy is it to create a video in Studiotogo?  We love simplicity, and we have just recently implemented some changes that definitely simplifies media uploading, collaboration and the usage of customized graphic templates. Watch this video to see how you can start a project and how you assemble and make quick adjustments to your project without breaking your budget or your nerves.

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See the light

See the light. See how a a few principles make a huge difference. And save the tips how to get it right with things you probably have around you in the office.

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